Khusbhoo has been dreaming in the language of design since the eighth standard, when at Snehasadan she won first prize for a unique and imaginative leaf dress.

Anu, a social worker who noticed her exceptional talent, sponsored and enrolled her in Seva Niketan where Khusbhoo mastered her foundation skills in designs.

Amin Sheikh, the founder of Bombay to Barcelona Library Café, expanded Khusbhoo's world by introducing her to fashion designers from Spain, France and Malta. All of her designs are on display at the café.


Khusbhoo is immensely grateful to Vanessa who wrote and connected her with Charles and Ron, two noted designers from Malta. They continue to mentor her and she works with them for three to six months every year.


Khusbhoo draws from her imagination to create elegant and subtle gowns as well as ghaghra cholis with a stunning pairing of design and color that draw from Western (design lines) and Indian influences.

She credits Charles and Ron for teaching her how to showcase the beauty of culture and mother earth through fashion design.


Each of Khusbhoo's customized creations tells a story about Indian traditions, culture and heritage as well as the personality of its owner, No two designs are alike as Khushboo views each new creation as a new birth.